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Electronic Notary Seal

What is an electronic notary seal?

The electronic notary seal is a unique, independently verifiable image of the state’s statutory required components. The physical appearance of the seal replicates the appearance of an inked seal on paper and shall appear on any visual or printed representation of the electronic notary certificate. The electronic notary seal is attached or logically associated with the document, linking the data in such a manner that any subsequent alterations to the underlying document or electronic notary certificate are observable through visual examination. The seal must also be retained under the electronic notary’s sole control.

Where can I purchase an electronic seal?

All electronic notarization solutions including electronic signatures and seals may be obtained from an approved Electronic Notary Solution Provider. Providers are usually authorized by the state’s commissioning authority. An electronic notary public should contact the state’s commissioning authority to obtain a list of authorized electronic notary solutions, if applicable.