Notary Stamp Ordering Information

Everything a Notary needs to Know to Order a Notary Stamp, Notary Supplies, and Notary Seals

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What is a Notary Stamp?

A notary stamp is one of the most important tools that a notary will use in the performance of his or her notarial duties. The official notary stamp placed on a document is a recognized mark indicating that:

  • the notary is an officer of his or her state;
  • he or she has been duly qualified to provide the services rendered; and
  • the identity and competency of the signer have been verified.

Most states allow notaries the option of using an inked notary stamp, a notary seal embosser or both. You are allowed to have more than one notary stamp (check your state notary laws). An inked notary stamp is most commonly used. It makes an inked impression rather than creating a raised notary seal. Some states specify what stamp ink color to use when notarizing documents. If your state law does not mention what ink color to use, it is preferable to use ink that is dark enough to reproduce legible notary stamp impressions on copies. To order a notary stamp, click on your state from the list below.

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