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Incomplete Documents

My co-worker wanted me to notarize a document that had blanks because it was going to be completed later at his attorney’s office. Can I notarize his signature?

No. When a document contains blank spaces, inform the signer that he cannot acknowledge to the notary public that he signed the document for the reasons stated therein, or he cannot swear that the statements are true.

I notarized a document that had an additional line for my signature on the second page that I did not previously see. Now I am being asked to sign the second page without the entire original document. Don’t I need the entire document before I sign?

If the signature line on the second page is part of a notarial certificate, you may not execute the notarial certificate on the second page without the document in its entirety and without the parties named in the document personally appearing before you at the time of the execution of the notarial certificate. If the second page only contains a signature line without a notarial certificate, you may not affix your official signature on the second page. A notary public may not merely affix his official signature and seal on any document without a notarial certificate.