Colorado Notary Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and Omissions Insurance Policies Protect the Notary

To purchase an errors and omissions insurance policy enter your name and the effective and expiration date of your Colorado notary commission. Our website will then calculate the price of your insurance policy depending on the number of years remaining on your notary commission.


Enter the effective date and the expiration date of your notary commission as printed on your notary commission certificate. Click here to verify your commission information. The notary errors and ommissions insurance policy will be issued with today's effective date or the date that your renewal commission starts.

Not sure when your notary commission expires? Click here to verify!

Choose the Amount of Coverage:

Amount of Coverage 4-Year Premium
$ 10,000.00 $ 52.00
$ 15,000.00 $ 67.75
$ 25,000.00 $ 83.25
$ 35,000.00 $ 99.00
$ 50,000.00 $ 208.00
$ 100,000.00 $ 416.00

Notary bonds and errors and omissions insurance policies provided by this insurance agency, American Association of Notaries, Inc., are underwritten by Western Surety Company, Universal Surety of America, or Surety Bonding Company of America, which are subsidiaries of CNA Surety.