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This Alaska notary stamp round is made for notaries who like to produce round notary stamp impressions It produces thousands of perfect and consistent notary stamp impressions, without the need for an ink pad or re-inking. Now available in four case colors and five ink colors. This Alaska  notary  stamp has a notary stamp impression of 1-5/8  inches in diameter.   The durable, modern, and lightweight design of this stamp fits comfortably in your hand and with gentle pressure produces the sharpest notary seal impression with ease. An index label on the top allows you to quickly identify your stamp's seal and ensures a right-side-up impression. A clear base positioning window guarantees accurate placement of your Alaska   notary stamp on documents. Enlarge Image
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Item No. AK219

Alaska Notary Stamp Round - Trodat 4642

This Alaska notary stamp is made for notaries who like to produce round notary seal impressions similar in size and layout to the notary embosser's raised-letter seal impressions, but with less effort. The transparent edges of the base enables the notary to position the notary stamp impressions with an accuracy and guarantees the best imprint quality. With simple, gentle pressure, you can easily produce thousands of sharp round Alaska notary stamp impressions without the need of an ink pad or re-inking. Available in four case colors and five ink colors, this Alaska notary stamp makes round notary seal impressions of 1-5/8 inches. To order extra ink pads, select item #AK960; to order additional ink refill bottles select item #AK955.

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Product Details
Category Notary Stamp
Name Alaska Notary Stamp Round - Trodat 4642
Item # AK219
Manufacturer Trodat USA
Mfr Part# 4642
Material Plastic
Impression Shape Round
Stamp Size 1-5/8 inches in Diameter
Ink Pad Built into the Stamp
Ink Color Choose From 5 Ink Colors
Ink Type Water Base
Case Color Choose From 4 Case Colors
Number of Impressions Over 5000 Impressions Before Re-inking
Production Time One Business Day (View Shipping Policy Below)
Warranty Lifetime
Shipping & Returns
US Postal Service $12.95
USPS Priority Mail $17.95

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