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Alaska Notary Supplies Deluxe Package

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The Alaska notary supplies deluxe package contains everything you need to perform your notarial duties correctly and efficiently. This notary supplies deluxe package includes the newly designed Dual-use Handheld Notary Seal Embosser (item # AK501) or EZ Handheld Embosser (item # AK503), a notary stamp (item # AK201), and a notary journal (item # AK702). The notary stamp is available in several case colors and five ink colors. This notary stamp is made by Trodat. With over 200 million units sold globally, this European-made notary stamp is the best-selling notary stamp in Alaska. The transparent edges of the base enable the notary to accurately position his or her notary stamp impressions on a document. The Trodat P4 notary stamp offers solid construction that guarantees the highest durability and the best imprint quality. The ink pad, which is built into the stamp, has special finger grips for easy replacement. Now available in twelve case colors and five ink colors. To order extra ink pads, select item # AK960, or select item # AK955 to order additional ink refill bottles. The dual-use Alaska notary seal embosser offers two-in-one embossing options. Its unique base allows notaries to use it as a notary desk embosser or as a handheld notary embosser. The Alaska notary seal embosser E-Z style requires less strength and less effort than other notary embossers to make a clear and crisp raised notary seal impression every time even on thick cardstock paper. Either option requires little pressure to make a sharp and detailed notary seal impression.

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