Steps to a Proper Notarization

Notaries should follow proper procedures to minimize any risk of liability for an improper notarial act and reduce opportunities for fraud. With every notarization, the notary should use precise measures to:

  • insist on the personal appearance of the signer at the time the notary act takes place;

  • establish clearly the identity of the signer(s) using proper identification techniques;

  • ascertain that the document is complete, with no blank spaces, and is dated no later than the date of the notarial act;

  • determine that the signer understands and is willingly signing the document being executed;

  • administer an appropriate oath or take the acknowledgment of those signing the document;

  • enter the transaction in the notarial journal,

  • act as a completely impartial witness with no involvement whatsoever in the transaction taking place; and

  • maintain privacy and confidentiality regarding the transaction at all times.


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