Understanding the Importance of Your Notary Commission Name

Once you have received your notary commission from the state, you are ready to embark on your new career as a notary public.


That is the time to purchase your notary supplies. The most important and most frequently used item that a notary will possess is the notary stamp or notary seal.

This stamp will be used on every document that a notary executes. The name on the notary stamp or notary seal must match exactly the name on the notary commission certificate. There can never be any variation. The name on the notary commission will be your official notary name throughout your tenure of office.

A notary may change his or her official notary name during the notary term of office if he or she so chooses or the need arises. This may occur as a result of a change in marital status or a new religious affiliation.

When instituting a name change, notaries should check the laws of their states concerning the correct procedure. In some cases, an application may need to be submitted or a fee paid. Once the name change has been completed, the notary will proceed to sign all notarized documents with the new name.

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